Turkey’s Erdogan Calls for Snap Election

Turkey’s Erdogan has called for a snap election on June 24th, more than a year earlier than scheduled. Erdogan cited instability in Syria and willingness to abandon the old constitutional order for the earlier elections: however, many are worried for the fairness of the elections since it will be held during a state of emergency.

A significant number of people believe that the decision for snap elections was due to economic instability and for efforts to block newly-formed IYI party from participating the elections.

IYI party was not able participate in the elections if 15 members of the main opposition party CHP did not resign and join the IYI party. Many people considered this as an act of democratic initiative, by the CHP.

According to the elections procedure in Turkey, a party could only partipicate in elections if either it had organizations over half of Turkey’s provinces, or it had a minimum number of seats in the parliament. The IYI party has ensured its eligibility with the newly-joined members, transferred from the CHP.

Today, Turkey’s official election commision YSK has anounced 10 eligible parties, including the IYI Party.

CHP-IYI party coalition has a potential to challenge Erdogan’s “Cumhur” coalition with far-right MHP party. However, some are already sure that President Erdogan will once again win at all costs, due to concerns about state of emergency and unfair elections process.

Turks will vote for both congress and president on the same day.